I have a user (userA) who has a BB 10 device. One day it just stopped synchronizing mail, contacts, calendar items.

Basic Troubleshooting done:
- Re-Initialized user on Mobility 2.0.1 build 53 server, NO DICE
- Security wipe on device, then relaoded OS with BB link desktop software, then deleted user from mobility, restarted mobility server, re-added user back to mobility server, re-added account back to BB 10 device, NO DICE

More Thorough Troubleshooting done:
- setup spare IOS device for userA, works! (but not ideal as this is just a wifi ipad only)
- setup my account on the BB 10 device in question, works! (but not ideal as this is userA's device and not mine)
- setup userA on a legacy BB 5 device, so a BES 5 server, and a BB bold. It syncs her contacts and calendar items, but not her mail items!!! Separate mobility system. =/
- Used the dsapp to forcibly remove the userA from the mobility server's database after I have deleted the userA from the server, then restarted the mobility server, does not seen to help
- checked userA's folder list in the "Edit Device settings" section on the Mobility server admin web page and it is empty. It should have a list of folders that you can select to sync to the device, but it is empty.
- ran several GroupWise checks on the userA's mailbox. Contents and structure. Also did a Structural Rebuild on her GW account. Did not seem to help. And no errors of significance detected.

Concluding thoughts:
- I think that it is userA account that is messed up. The BB 10 device works fine with other accounts.
- userA account works partially on a legacy BB 5 device
- But the strange thing is that userA account works on an IOS device

Current Mobility server:
Mobility 2.0.1 build 53

Current devices on Mobility server:
216 devices (13 Androids, 15 BB 10's, 75 IOS ipads, 112 IOS iphones, 1 IOS ipod)

Please, if anyone has come across this please comment back.

I wish I could post screenshots of userA account on the mobility server, but I didn't see the option here.