I have noticed, and can reproduce, an issue of getting "no tree or server found" if you try to login in repeatedly while unable to reach the Novell servers and then try to login after getting the connection back. After a long wait, I think more then 5 minutes, it will let you log in. What I find weird is that it will get my context with contextless. It just won't log in. And unlike the attempts with no network there is no pause when it gives the "no tree or server found message".

I've only tested this on windows 7 pro 64 bit and using Client 2 SP3 IR3, IR9 and 10. Though i'm sure i've heard of it happening on versions before these too.

So the steps I took to recreate this are as follow

disconnect the network

login to the client twice (it takes a while for it to fail)

connect the network

login to Novell (Fails right away)