I need some help understanding how to handle multiple O(Org) objects in my tree. Each of which I would like to have as part of our DsfW tree. I have two Os as per our original Netware 4.11 training. One O for County1 and One O for County2. Users for each County reside under each of these Os. I understand that DsfW cannot be set at the top of the tree(T) and each of these Os is partitioned already.

Is it true that they cannot be part of the same DsfW tree? Is there no way to have my entire eDirectory tree as part of our DsfW tree? The examples in the documentation show Asia as the DsfW tree but they don't really explain how to handle the other Os.

T=MyTree (I know this is self-explanatory)
-O=COUNTY1 (County 1 Users are in OUs under here.)
-O=COUNTY2 (County 2 Users are in OUs under here.)

If anyone can help me get past understanding this portion of planning, I have watched DSFWDude's videos and read TIDs and the installation itself makes sense.

Thank you so much in advance.