Since GW Mobility was installed at my organization we have used the self-signed cert simply because for the number of users that were using the system we couldn't justify purchasing a commercial cert, and everything has been working great. Now that GMS 2.1 has been released and we can connect with Outlook, I need to add a signed cert to make the Outlook certificate warning message go away (I installed the beta to see what would need to happen).

I went to one of the free SSL providers and have obtained my certificate and am ready to activate it on my server, before I swap the certs I wanted to ask if there is anything that I should be aware of when it comes to mobile devices that swapping the certificates might break? I don't want to swap certificates and find out that all of my mobile devices suddenly say they can't connect because the cert has changed and I have a dozen executives coming after me because their devices quit syncing.

My main concern is whether the mobile device will see and recognize that the certificate has changed and that it will automatically grab the new commercially signed one. I want to avoid having to get everyone's mobile device and either resetting their account or having to walk them through whatever messages may appear.