I have the latest GMS running in a VM on SLES11 for my own little business.

For a couple of months, since first installing the system, I've been concerned that contacts were not sync-ing. I would add a new contact to my Galaxy S5 and when I later wanted to email the person from my desktop, he did not exist.

Last night I ran MCheck and it said Contacts count in synced books: 1102; Mobility Contacts count (success): 648; Mobility Count (failure):454. So before I even saw the note about doing this only under Novell support supervision, I told it to 'Reinitialize' user.

This morning I've discovered that Mcheck now says the count is 574 users with nil failures. (Manually adding the contacts in various address books comes to 640, but some are probably in more than one address book). I've also discovered that adding a new contact at the desktop will sync back to the Galaxy S5 (surprisingly fast, actually), but adding a contact in to the Galaxy does not sync back to the Groupwise system.

Any suggestions on how to fix syncing from the phone back to the GWise system?