We are running 11.3 in an organization that supports 2100 pc's using zenworks. We have 3 primary servers, a sql server and an audit server. Lately we have been running into issues with our sql process hitting 100% cpu usage on our zen databse server and eventually crashing. During this time frame our primary servers go from 5/100 connection to the database up to 100/100 connections.

We have not configured the closest server default rule too much, all default server rules point to server 1, 2 and 3. I am thinking we need to set one server as the default for content, another for the default for collection, and a third to be the default for authentication and configuration. Or would it be more efficient to have a location rule that pointed one building to server 1 to handle content, collection, authentication and configuration, the other building to server 2 to handle content, collection, authentication and configuration etc. Any thoughts?

I find our current environment is somewhat unstable and I am sure it is due to a lack of configuration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.