When we migrated to 2014 from GW8 on NW6.5, I was very surprised by the
sheer size of the PO that hung off our primary domain. The primary domain is
a routing domain, and as such the PO is not really a live PO. It has our
admin mailbox (logs etc) and a couple of random mailboxes that were moved
there for short-term retention (old user accounts). The total size of all
the mailboxes amounted to nowhere close to the total size of the PO.

Now it's migrated, I've archived all of the old mailboxes that live with
that PO, and now there are just 2 active mailboxes on there, total size for
both around 200MB. The PO folder is just over 100GB!

Should I assume that will shrink now I've removed the other mailboxes, or do
I need to force a specific GWCHECK through to get it to reduce?

Thanks in advance, Alan