Still trying to carve out some time to get to 11.3, but in the interim looking after the health of an 11.2.3 zone and taking on the db side of things because someone needs to.

First thing I've noticed that the DB is 14.4 GB for a zone with <2000 devices, suggesting bloat. My understanding is ~1GB/1000 devices for just a ZCM environment. No patch management, asset management, etc.

I've run some queries and identified the top five tables by size:

NC_CompChanges 1261208
zStatusEvent 1230525
NC_Component 1039044
zObjectInfo 1034258
NC_HotFix 726056

I've tightened up the centralized message logging settings to auto acknowledge/delete off hours more frequently and will be adjusting the local device logging to only roll up error messages. While that has dropped the system message count considerably, the table sizes are still growing each day.

Specific areas of concern:

1) ZENworks Database grows rapidly due to NC_CompChanges table (

Will updating beyond 11.2.3 correct this?

2) The zStatusEvent and zObjectInfo tables may grow extremely large over time (

I've built all of the bundles in the zone and really don't rely on system requirements.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!