Back in November I upgraded to version of Filr and due to bad documentation we had to reissue our GoDaddy SSL certificate for the web interfaces. The partner that I used for the project placed the updated GoDaddy cert on an Apache/Tomcat level, which allowed for the Filr clients to connect to my Filr site but when I tried navigating to the web portal, primarily via IE, I experienced a certificate revoked message which it seemed was due to the certificate not being updated in the Web Application Certificates section of the server maintenance pages. In the past couple of days I have now replaced this certificate with the proper one in the Web Application Certificates list and the certificate is set as active, but whenever I try going to a clean I am still receiving the previous certificate that should have been replaced. Is there a second place like with the GW Mobility server to update the SSL certificate for the web interface or is something not working correctly with my SSL cert on the server? This is only affecting my web application side interface, not my admin portal. Thanks!