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Thread: Invalid Credentials when trying to login to iPrint iOS App

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    Invalid Credentials when trying to login to iPrint iOS App

    I've recently setup a fresh install of the iPrint Appliance 1.1 and installed all security patches.

    Original setup was iPrint appliance was SSL but syncing to our edirectory server was not, and I was unable to login with the iOS app. This was in Evaluation mode so I am unsure if the password being encrypted over SSL from the appliance then trying to match on the eDir server not on ssl caused that issue.

    However I then installed our license, and configured LDAP sync to be over SSL, but I am still gettin the same "Invalid Credentials" message. That being said, our current license only entitles us to the appliance and iprint desktop, not iPrint Mobile whereas when in evaluation mode you have access to iPrint Mobile.

    My question here is, should I be expecting it to say "Invalid Credentials" even though I do not have any iPrint Mobile licenses, or should there be a different message or result?

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