I'm experiencing performance issues with the Filr 1.1 (19464) client for

After starting Filr it takes up to 15 minutes before it begins
uploading/downloading times.
Looking in the filr.log it is actually doing something before the actual

2015-02-25 23:17:02,792 [filesync-monitor] [INFO] Requesting
/folders/32248/library_children?count=500&allow_jits=false&first= 0 REST
resource (GET)... (aca.onprem.apiserver.restapi)

For example I started the client 22:59:35, it took until 23:13:06 before
it began download new files.

I have "My Files" which is 1GB, and two Net Folders, one is 3GB and the
other one is 106MB.

The other issue is that after adding a new file to My Files or one of
the Net Folders I have to restart the Filr client for it to detect it
and upload it to the server.

Any ideas?