We have a brand-new Citrix server based on Win2008R2, not in use yet, running
under vmWare 5.5. When deploying the 11.2.4 agent to this server (which has
not had any earlier version installed), after the reboot, the system comes back
up and just goes into an endless reboot loop.

I can't find anything to explain this. I haven't had any issues with 11.2.4 on
new or upgrade installs for Win7, nor have I seen this type of issue when
installing on Server 2012 (although I am seeing other issues, but not "broken"
types of things, e.g. the agent won't login via single signon.)

I have found one mention of issues at
, but it seems to apply to agent upgrades, and this is a new install. However,
I also can't get the system to start in Safe mode, so I can't even find out if
the system files are, indeed, wiped, nor check the value of %systemroot%, even
assuming the issue would apply.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Any fixes, if so? At first I thought this
could be a Windows update issue, but I let all the updates install thru this
month, restarted the server twice (with no problems) and then deployed the
agent install.

As they say, "HELP!"

In a Zenworks-resistant environment, this issue is really doing a lot of damage.