Hello everybody,

I have a few questions if you could answer me.

1. When creating an image from a workstation I get duplicate GUIDS on source workstation and destination workstation.
I do zisedit -c and unregister the sourceworkstation before creating image. But destination workstation keeps coming with same GUID and serialnumber as source workstation. How come?
I feel that I have done Everything by the book. I try with zac reg -g also and it still comes up with same serialnumber.

Can you please provice me with all steps that needs to be done when making an image from a workstation so that new workstations and old workstations get unique GUID?

I have to manually unregister the source workstation and do some steps so that Everything is correct, but it does not feel good if you know what I mean.

I hope you understand my problems?

2. When I have succeded to get right serialnumber in zenworks in the summary for the workstation it gets the source workstation serialnumber. alias and hostname is correct, but further below under "owner" it gets the source workstation serialnumber. Everything else is correct. How to get that to be changed to the right serialnumber? GUID is also correct.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards
Chaphir from Sweden