I saw a similar thread to this one and I want to put my support behind it. Zen 7 and earlier, had hundreds of entries in the eDir schema, and while they may not "hurt" anything they are messy and moving forward I don't think testing of new versions of eDirectory are going to be done in an environment that has all of these additional fields. My tree is mature, over 20 years old, it will hopefully live more than twice that long. I feel a duty to keep it in tip top shape and that includes cleaning it up.

I think there is a demand for an uninstall tool/script that will remove all vestiges of Zenworks, including ZfD and Zen for servers, if you would like this tool please support my post.

If you have written a script that will do this then share please. Otherwise I think an install is only fair to come from Novell. I have removed Zen 7 from my tree several years aga and everytime I go to do an odbc report it bothers me that there is all of this wasted space.