We have GW2014 installed and i'm still stuck trying to work out what is the best client to use for Macs.

We have GW2008 Client installed still on most. But Macs don't seem to want to work with that in that I cannot go into say Excel or pages and say add this file as an attachment to Groupwise. Also it's a bit of an old and creaky client that does seem to run slowly. What is the best way forward. We also have a mobility server running 2.0.1 If I upgrade that to 2.1 can I get the Macs built in client to talk to this as a Exchange Server and get it to work correctly seeing all the Groupwise Addressbooks for the user?

Or is there some other better way. If I just set it up as a straight LDAP connection then I don't think all the addressbooks seem to work properly for the users.