I have a user with a laptop AB12345, which is in a remote location but joined
to our domain. These systems use our external-facing (DMZ) Zenworks 11.2.4
server "over the internet", but also the user can connect via VPN which then
automatically will switch to one of two primary servers on the LAN.

The user's system has the 11.2.0 agent still, though we are starting to deploy
11.2.4 to the desktops more broadly.

The agent properties from the laptop show the system as AB12345 and "managed".
The user has a NAL window that appears to show appropriate user- and
system-associated apps, and that appears to function properly.

But ... I cannot find the system in ZCC. Checking from the user side in ZCC,
the user is only shown as associated with their prior system, which was
re-purposed a year ago. I've even searched for just "12345" and it doesn't
come up under devices. Using an advanced search based on the device IP
address, or containing the numeric part of the asset tag, or the login name as
the user who is currently logged in, turns up nothing.

I'd think that perhaps the system wasn't registered, were it not for it showing
"Managed" and the correct system name, in the agent properties.

I can't figure out how the system cannot be showing in ZCC, or if it somehow is
registered to a different system tag ... and if so, how to find it and fix the
issue. If the agent properties are correct then the system should presumably
be showing up with the asset name I have for it.

Any suggestions for how to find the system or fix the issue?


-- DE