Since moving to GW 2014, a horrible problem has returned. We've used
GroupWise for as many years as I can remember, and some years ago, we
noticed on a regular basis, that emails were becoming 'corrupt' after
GWCHECK contents scheduled maintenance jobs had been run.
By 'corrupt', I mean we noticed numerous emails in shared mailbox folders
(not always shared folders though) were showing as 'posted' items, and the
header and property information was missing. Occasionally, all that remains
is a posted note with the subject, but most of the time it's the attachments
that are missing.

Now, our end users rely heavily on these shared folders, and there own email
mailboxes alike.

I assume the part of the GWCHECK log that refers to this behaviour is
"LIN_ATTACHMENT_RECORDs found but not used". I assume this because it
appears in GWCHECK content check logs occasionally, and when I first noticed
this issue all them years ago, it was present in the logs then too.

Can anybody help me out here? What is happening, and why? I will be under
real pressure to explain and solve this as soon as it is noticed once again
by my end users, and I can see from the logs that it's happened 3 times
since moving to GW2014...

Any help very much appreciated.

Thanks, Alan