What are the chances of restoring eDirectory info from a Netware 5.1 server to a NetWare6.5SP8 server?

My network is a mixture of NW6.5SP8 and OES 11SP2 servers, with a single exception.

Due to organizational politics, we have a department that has kept an old NetWare 5.1 server running.

That server crashed yesterday (finally!), and has been removed from eDirectory.
Amidst my joy, however, there is a problem:

My server backup software had never had any ACL-related problems when I've used it to restore data to my NW6.5 or OES11 servers.
That includes restoring data to a different server.

I had no problems restoring the data from this 5.1 server to another location, but no ACL information was included in the restoration.

My only desire at this point is to find a way to discover the ACL information with regard to that data. There were a LOT of group-related access rights on this server.
Even though it wouldn't be my responsibility to recreate those rights, I'd like to see if I can recover it somehow.

What would be the expected result of attempting to restore both the data and the eDirectory info from tape backup of the NetWare 5.1 server to a newly created NW6.5SP8 server?
I don't care how much the server complains about not seeing the rest of the network, as long as I can log into it and look at the file rights information.

If I were to create a new server in its own tree, isolated from the production network, and attempt to restore both data and eDirectory to the server, would it be logical to expect the ACl information to be restored?

I may still have a NW5.1 server CD around somewhere, but if I can accomplish my goal with a NW6.5 server, it'd be faster.

Any thoughts are welcome.