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Thread: Yet another thread about dbcopy (Backup solution)

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    Yet another thread about dbcopy (Backup solution)

    Hello guys, I would like to improve my actual schema of backups and start using dbcopy (Yes,
    I know, I am a bad guy using simple file copy but it's the simpliest method I didn' have problems to now...)

    So I have read a lot of posts in Novell forums related to dbcopy, rsync, and so on and one thread
    from one guy and looks very interesting:


    My plans are to make a FULL backup in the weekend, and in weekdays make incremental
    backups using -I modifier. But I have a few questions:

    - If I use the -I modifier, If I could have a disaster, I could use the directory as a restore area?
    For instante, If I made a full dbcopy last Sunday:

    SUNDAY=`date +%m-%d-%Y -d "last Sunday"`
    TODAY=`date +%Y-%m-%d -d "today"`

    dbcopy -t 10 -i $SUNDAY /gwsystem/gwdom /mnt/backupserver/gwbackups/$TODAY/gwdom
    dbcopy -t 10 -i $SUNDAY /gwsystem/gwpo /mnt/backupserver/gwbackups/$TODAY/gwpo
    I dont know how exactly works dbcopy -i . Could I use later for recover the emails deleted after a
    Wednesday, for instance? I mean: We are in Friday and I would like to set a restore area
    for the last Wednesday. Should it works?

    Suggestions are welcome. Thank you all.

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