i think GW8 on Netware is similar to an iPhone -- it just works! But now i'm being forced to migrate to gw2014 on Linux its about time. Environment: 40 users, 1 domain, 1 post office 1 gwia 1 webaccess. I had gwava 4 on this box but gwava has since been moved to their linux appliance.

Using Danita's Move guide (for GW2012) and some other internet sources like (http://www.slideshare.net/NOVL/migra...pwise-to-linux) I did the following in a isolated Test vm environment:

1) installed new suse sp3 server (+1 IP address)
2) ncp mounted to netware
3) dbcopy Domain and PO (tested 4 times with agents shutdown. average time 6h 2 min)
4) installed gw2014 on linux box
5) choose upgrade an existing domain
6) then, choose upgrade an existing PO
7) did not migrate any other agents
8) create new gwia
9) Issues with spinning wheel so upgraded to gw2014sp1
10) all good. one account with 20k emails works ok. As admin: I can add a new user, delete a user. Users can transfer mail between users MTA works -- no problem.

Q1: What problems should I be looking out for?

My production system will have gwava ( on the frontend (appliance) pointing to the old gw8 server ( When I unload the agents to perform the migration Gwava will hold incoming emails in a queue. The new linux will hold a temporary IP address ( during the migration. Post migration I wish to change the linux box to the assume the gw8 IP so Gwava and the user clients can find it.

Q2: Is changing the linux server IP post setup okay? Will any certs be affected?

So, I'm thinking i should build this system with an incoming and outgoing GWIA. I'm also thinking about re-adding webaccess.

Q3: How exactly is this incoming and outgoing gwia gateways done? A secondary domain with another vIP on .5?

Q4: How about the new webaccess? A second secondary domain with another vIP on .5?

The final reason i'd like to change the linux IP post migration is that I also have datasychronizer and a blackberry BES thrown into the mix.

Q5: Any concerns now?

BTW I Love my blackberry