Our current setup is:
FILESRV1 - OES server with NSS volumes
DC1 - DSfW server (running only DSfW)
DC2 - DSfW server (running only DSfW)

Users are accessing files on FILESRV1 with Novell Client.

I'm looking for a way to give users file access on FILESRV1 without Novell Client. If I install Novell Samba on FILESRV1, can I give the DSfW "domain" users access to Samba shares? The DSfW documentation seems to imply that it "just works" on DSfW server, but trying to add DSfW to FILESRV1 which is already in production doesn't seem a very safe action.

I've created a test environment and trying to get Samba working there, but currently have some trouble enabling users for Samba. If I try enabling user for Samba, I get error:
Could not Samba enable the user for group, novell-srv-W-SambaUserGroup. Could not find samba domain for {0}

TID7001492 (which is about older version of OES) talks about "Samba domain object". I don't see any such object in my test tree, nor do I see this mentioned in OES11 SP2 docs. I'd consider this info outdated, but I also have the following in log.smbd each time smbd starts:

smbldap_search_domain_info: Adding domain info for NOVELL-SRV-W failed with NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
So, should I try th create the Samba domain object (how?) or is this a red herring?