We have had a lot of good experiences so far using Outlook 2013 w/ GMS 2.1. A couple of times we've had some strange odd things happen. It could be because we don't know what's going on behind the scenes.

One user flat out can't use it. We create a profile (as per the docs). Outlook opens, doesn't complain and sits there. forever. without ever showing any mail, calendar or contacts. If we build another profile on that PC, it works great. We went to another PC that Outlook 2013 w/ GMS 2.1 was working on already and created a new profile for that first user and it didn't work there either. Yes this user is in the GMS admin console and yes we see another device called Windows Outlook15 protocol 14.0 as a device that user is using.

Another issue we have is one user can work just fine from home, but not at work. It's not a DNS issue since other Outlook users work fine from work. Each time we tear down Outlook, or the profile and try again, another occurance of WindowsOutlook15 shows up as a device in their GMS user screen. BTW, other profiles can be made with this users PC and they work fine.

We were wondering if perhaps GMS 2.1 only allows one occurance of WindowsOutlook15 in their device list.

Anyone having these issues? Other than that, incredible leap forward. I wish we had seen this sort of thing 10 years ago.