New to virtulaization and here is what is happening. I have successfully
created an IE11 vapp from the template and two SVM's. Java and Flash. I
needed this for PARCC testing due to the fact the of the possible 9k
workstations that could be used we just did not have the resources to check
every computer to make sure that it complied with testing needs. All ws are
win7 pro 64 bit with IE11. My IE11 with the two SVM's works but I am finding
that the IE11 vapp when run on a WS vs my clean VM used to create it
interacts with the installed IEll. So when I run it I get prompted about
enabling add on like adobe pdf of lync. Also wats on the farvorites bar from
the WS IE comes over as does opening of the default home page from the local
IE. My IE app had Bing as the default search. I had it complain about the
installed version of IE11 having Google as default search and since the
local was set to prevent being changed I got all kinds of messages about
the default Google search being changed which is the default for the WS IE.
I need this IE11 vapp to stay totally isolated which I thought was the
purpose of the product. Can anyone give me clue as to what is happening?