Hi All,

I'm in the preparation stage of a Windows 7 rollout to 4000 desktops. So far we've packaged up 200 applications/bundles and tested them against our image, everything on that front is fine.

Our new ZENworks 11.3.2 server is being now being used to deploy our old Windows XP images (created in ZfD7), I'm using hardware rules to do this and it's working perfectly.

When I use the hardware rules to deploy our new Windows 7 Image it will image once as expected. The PC then boots, a powershell script will build the hostname from the model and serial number, join the domain, install the ZCM agent and all looks good.

The problem comes later when I try to image the machines again, we get "no work to do". After some reading I assume this is because of the Image Safe Data.

I've tried a things so far but seem to be getting inconsistent results, basically each time I PXE the machine I want the machine to use the hardware rule to pull down the image.

The only way I have found that seems to work,is to clear the Image Safe Data and delete the "Novell ZENworks Image-Safe Data Service" after the agent has been installed (as part of my build script). This seems like overkill to me and I'm sure I'm missing something. Help!

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated!