We are running GW8 on Netware 6.5 sp8.

The PCs are running Windows 7 Office 2012.

In our GroupWise system we have a document library, which until a few days ago worked flawlessly (or at least I thought)

When a user with Windows 7 and Office 2012 opens a Excel document they get the following error:

GroupWise is unable to monitor
"C:\PROGRA~2\MICROS~1\EXCEL.EXE" and cannot automatically return it the library when existing the application.

The users can open the Excel document, but must reset it after they are done using it.

The problem seems only to happen to users with Office 2012. Office 2007 and 2003 work fine. From what I have been told, this has been this way on at least some Windows 7 PCs for months, but I was not told (I have Windows 7 with office 2007).

The users who have this problem can open HTML documents from the library without issue.

Software integrations is turned off. If I turn integrations on Excel comes up, but the document is blank.

Phil J.