GW2014 latest SP, SLES 11.
We've noticed daily, that our POA logs are full of these errors. You'd
expect it to be a DB issue with a user, but these errors are happening for
him, her, and everyone! Not quite, but there are over 13 different user DB's
shown in todays log. It's riddled with lines like this...

08:47:01 194A The database function 58 reported error [C042] on userhtc.db
08:47:01 1BA0 The database function 53 reported error [C042] on userb49.db

Also, today, people are reporting an error on the clients (GW8 latest
clients - we've not updated the clients yet)
GroupWise Error [8101]
Memory error. Memory function failure.

I'm not sure if they're linked, but 3 users who've had this error so far,
have all had C042 errors in the POA logs too.

Can anybody help?
TIA, Alan