I had a problem on my 2 servers with Netstorage not working. Following TID 359558 and use of groupadd and useradd I managed to get Netstorageworking on one server.

On the other server I have one of the same initial problems in that wwwrun is not in the group novlxtier. If I try to add wwwrun to the group novlxtier I get 'Unknown group'. If I try to add the group I get Group novlxtier already exists. I see the group using getent but it is not in /etc/groups.

on the working server the group is in /etc/groups and looks like


and on the non-working server it looks like


Although I think I gather that the ! and x are not important.
Needless to say I cannot delete the group with groupdel either. I have deleted and recreated the novlxtire group using iManager but got back to the same situation (Do I need to wait or restart anything here?)