I setup an OES 11 SP2 w/SLES 11 SP3 Pre-migration server. There is no replica on this server as a result, it does have eDirectory.
It was setup initially to test some ERP software before migrating the Netware 6.5 server, but we cannot do what we need to test as
a premigration server. So I need to pull it out of the tree and set it up as a standalone server for the testing. How do I get it out
of the tree, and do I have to remove and reinstall eDirectory when I do that? Is there some step by step documentation I can follow?

The tree is the NW 6.5 server with a read/write replica, and a SLES 11SP3 Groupwise server with the master replica. The OES server
is in the same tree with no replica.

Thanks in advance!