Single server 6.5 sp8... died.. I believe due to failing power supply. In the beginning the server came back up for a few minuters before is abbandoned again.

After a number of those it still came up, but now without loading the NDS. There are maybe more than two options:

a) errors in the files that loads whatever is needed to runs NDS.
b) NDS damaged or gone.

I have tried DSrepair in one of the long periods (we talk like 2-3 minutes) that the server has been running. This say that the NDS is not loaded.

So if a) what files can be missing and needing af fix and if b) what on earth to do? Can I insert the HD into another tree to read the Novell content off it or has content just left this world when I can't access the NDS?

Any help and hints will be appreciated.