Hi all,
I'm trying to launch a batch script to do a USMT (User State Migration Tool) process to fix an issue we have had with DLU Accounts vs Domain accounts duplication/confusion. The script tests fine, but must be run with elevated privileges in Windows 8.1. Interactively, this works fine, but trying to launch via ZCM bundle has been problematic.

Ideally, I'd like the user to be able to see the CMD window, which gives a nice 'progress' display, so they can see something is happening. But Running as 'Secure System' user, and 'Dynamic Administrator' seem to be non-interactive, and don't work anyway. The user accounts have the required rights, but with Windows 8.1 *requiring* 'Run as Administrator' for the USMT commands to work, I'm in a bind.

Has anyone encountered this stuff, and managed a workaround?