Hi there, I have been experiencing problems my last two weeks. The problems are
related to I/O, I'm pretty sure. Novell NTS says that the problem is at I/O.
The strange thing is I dont have problems in the rest of my servers...
And these problems are random...

My post office is about 250 GB, I have a quad core server with a qlogic 4Gb Fibre Channel
to access to my NSS where my post office resides. When I launch my backups at night,
and for instance when I launch a gwcheck, load average in my machine goes to 10-15...

I'm using sles 11 sp3 with cluster, 6 GB of RAM in my machine and my storage comes
from a HP -Eva SAN storage. We never had this kind of problems.

The question is: If I install a new fiber channel card, the system will balance the load
over the two cards? I have set up multipathd.

My doubt is if this will help or not. But, the truth is that we are in a bad situation right now :-(