This is baffling. I'm migrating an OES11sp1 server to new hardware running OES11sp2; when configuring the miggui utility, it continues to give me a certificate error for the source server.

1) Indeed, I discovered the certs had expired for the source server. I repaired all four certs in iManager, and validated them. The certs validate now, happy happy.
2) For good measure, I also ran namconfig -k on the server.
3) I even ran namconfig cache_refresh.
4) Lastly, I went into /opt/novell/migration/plugin/conf on the target server, and deleted the SourceServerCert.der file.

I should be good now, right?

Still complains about the cert being expired. Where does the migration pull this "SourceServerCert.der" from? I figured it pulled it from eDirectory. I noticed on the source server that under /etc/ssl/servercerts, the pem files are still showing the old certs, is the migration pulling the cert from here? (I guess not, I did a manual export from iManager, and ran openssl to covert the pkcs12 pfx file to pem format, still no luck.)
I'm stumped.