I've migrated all the printers from our current OES11 SP2 iPrint server to the appliance a few weeks ago, but wasn't ready to switch to it yet. I'm trying finish the migration before Monday (spring break here). The OES server is still taking all the iPrint traffic. Here's what's under print manager identification:

DS name: PrintMngr.iPrint.lmisd
Version: 3.0.2
Database path: /var/opt/novell/iprint/PrintMngr.iPrint.lmisd.psm
Driver Store: PrintDrivers.iPrint.lmisd
Network address: DNS: pslmisd.lmisd.net
IP: 168.X.X.X

"DS name" and "Driver Store" are pointing to the new appliance, while "Network address" is the current production OES11 iPrint server.

Do I use the miggui and "transfer ID" to finish? I'm unclear how to finalize the migration from here. Yes, DNS entries have been made for the appliance.

Thank you.