I've attempted 3 times to upgrade this appliance from 1.0 to 1.1. The Filr Web, and Search appliances upgraded no problems first shot. The SQL appliance on the other hand has now failed 3 times.

I am running these appliances in a VmWare environment.

After the SQL appliance upgrade appears successful, I am able to login via 9443 on the SQL appliance. I go into phpmyadmin recreated the user account as well as changed the root password. I then goto the Filr appliance, it throws a 500 error when trying to access the user front end. I log in to the admin interface, go to appliance configuration/database put in the credentials, the appliance immediately states unable to connect. I've been down this road before, so this time I connected to the CLI on the web appliance and I use the mysql command to connect to the db server (mysql --host=db.appliancehostname.org --user=dbuser --password). That connects to the database server just fine with the same credentials I tried in the web interface. I'm not sure what the web interface is doing differently but obviously something.

Also on the SQL appliance if I try and go to appliance config / system services it attempts to load the services but fails and prompts me with an RPC error. Also if I go under logging it wants me to configure a mount point for /var but has no options listed in the drop down box. Not sure why it wants me to configure /var, shouldn't that have happened during the upgrade like the search and web appliances did?

I've read the documentation and watched the upgrade movie several times I'm pretty certain I can do this in my sleep. Add a drive to existing database server large enough to backup the database, Check. Run mysqlbackup script, check. Deploy 1.1 OVF template, check. Copy drive 2 (data drive) from 1.0 appliance to 1.1 appliance, check. Disconnect backup drive from 1.0 appliance and attach it to 1.1 appliance, check. Add additional drive for /var, check (60gb), increase VM memory to 8gb, check. Power up, provide credentials, wait, check. Finish upgrade, login to phpmyadmin add FILR db user that doesn't get created and update the root users password, check. Shutdown VM disconnect SQL backup drive, reboot, check. Boot search appliance, check. Boot Filr web appliance, check. System fails to function, CHECK!

Not sure what I'm missing here, but any suggestions appreciated. I opened a support case, which support took upon themselves to close. Which is just as well, dealing with support on this proved to be an unproductive 7 hour exercise in futility, ending with the loss of another 7 hours of my life, which after 3 failed upgrade attempts is actually probably 11 hours now in total loss of life. It's not supposed to be this difficult.

Has anyone successfully done this upgrade?