We are having a host of problems with people accessing Filr from outside out network. These appear to be browser problems for the most part.

Here is what happens. We send a share to an external entity. They click on the link and the browser display a blank page and the cursor indicates it is working on it and after a good deal of time, it times out with the generic error message "This page can't be displayed"

To test this I shared with an external account of my own. I connected to a Verizon hotspot so I would be on an external network, verified I could browse the Internet, logged into the external email account (web based) and opened the email announcing the share. When I click on the link I see the problem.

If I try going to the Filr site, since I know the URL, I have the same result.

All of this is happening in Internet Explorer. Note That if i try this in Firefox or opera, the problem does not occur.

Is there a setting in Internet Explorer that fixes this? Is nobody else out there seeing this problem?