GW 2014

In the Admin Console, or via the REST API, it is possible to set a
preferred e-mail ID and preferred e-mail internet domain for a given
object. Why would this be necessary? Because GW is really neat and lets
you easily handle users from multiple internet domains (,,, etc.) at the same time, in the same system. Further,
it lets users of all systems get e-mails from all domains if wanted, which
really worked well when Novell was acquiring companies, and then when they
were acquired; if a user changed from to, their old
e-mail (targeted for the old address) still reached them. Smart smart smart.

If I set somebody to have a preferred address, specifically via REST
(because that is how the IDM driver for GW 2014 does it), their directory
address (in eDirectory) is not updated, though obviously a preferred
domain should be the one advertised in a directory (or so seems obvious to
me). If I use the REST API to tell GW to "commit" this change, then it
goes ahead and updates the directory; thanks Morris for fixing this in the
thread before this one:

My question (finally): Does GW automatically do a commit after some period
of time? Can it? I'm asking because I do not want to need to do this
manually, though I could with the IDM driver when pushing a value over to
GW; it would be nicer if GW would do the work for me and push back its
correct value (it is authoritative or e-mail addresses after all) back to
eDirectory as if I had asked it to commit. Perhaps I am just not patient
enough and eventually it will do so, but if so how is that configured?


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