This is our second iteration of a Filr 1.1 large deployment, we were told initially to rebuild because this didn't work on the first build. On the second build our trouble continues.

Login to filr appliance as "admin" everything works great, can search everything, contents, file names, see everything, etc.
Login as ANY LDAP user and you can see the net folder shares, browse and open files, but searching is broken, produced no results.

Something is different between admin and LDAP users with search.

I've had an active case with Novell for over two months, I just wanted to see if anyone else ran into something similar here.

Release: Novell Filr 1.1.0
Build: 3888 / September 08, 2014
Novell Filr Appliance

All latest hotfixes are installed on all appliances and net folders appear to be syncing properly and indexes built ok.

1x Filr appliances
2x Filr Search appliances
1x Filr MySQL appliances
/vastorage is stored on another box accessed via NFS

We thought it may be file permissions so we added the filr proxy account as supervisor on all synced shares. I myself am a supervisor on all shares and files as well, and even when I sign into my LDAP account on filr I get no search results.

Thanks for any insight. I am almost ready to go back to trying quickfinder for the search exclusively and scrap the filr project until we have more of a need for cloud storage.