I have a large deployment of Filr (1 filr, 1 mysql, 1 search with
/vashare on an NFS share) and I'm seeing a rapid falloff in performance.
I'm currently testing with about 6 or 7 users using the Windows desktop
client syncing just their home directories, which range from 1 to 40 GB,
with the default "My Files" folder on their laptop or desktop. All
clients are running Windows 7 and are on either 802-11n wireless or
1Gb/s LAN and all are seeing the performance falloff which is as below.
I also have one other net folder configured which is currently synced
every 12 hours and the net folder server for the home directories is set
to sync every hour. Desktop clients sync every 15 minutes.

If I restart the filr appliance file uploads/downloads are reasonably
fast (2-3 average Word docs per second) and everyone is happy. Within
about 5 minutes you can see this starting to slow down and after 10
minutes or so then similar sized Word docs can be 30-40 seconds each to

I've increased the RAM and subsequently Java heap on the Filr server and
rebooted and although this slightly delayed the falloff in performance
it's made very little real difference.

The users home directories reside on a NAS but neither this, the VMware
servers or the filr appliances are showing any signs of particularly
high load and the above restart and slowdown are repeatable

Does anyne have any ideas on where to start troubleshooting this as I
can't continue with rollout until I get this sorted