I have two VMWare VMDK NSS Volumes hosted on an iSCSI array for a class, connected to my existing OES2SP3 server. I'm installing a transfer ID server instance OES11SP2 I'd like to to migrate the "locally" hosted vmdk NSS volume over to the new server. (I don't have space to migrate the other two huge volumes.)

So I'm going to install the transfer id server and migrate the main STORAGE volume to it and then remove the two VMDKs from the OES2SP3 VM and install them onto the new OES11SP2 VM. I assume that I do this move after I finish the transfer ID from the old VM to the new VM.

My question I'm hoping to have answered is -> If you move an NSS VMDK to a server after the transfer ID occurs, will the new server have to have the existing NSS edir objects changed in any way or will it simply assume ownership of them when they are mounted at boot? Is it safe to move them after the transfer id or must I do it before. I didn't like the idea of yanking the two NSS volumes out from the old server prior to doing to transfer id.