What's up with the verification? It took me about 5 tries to get it right, just to post a simple question? Not very user friendly, that or I'm an idiot. Don't answer that...

Now, after the rant let's see if I get an answer? :-) I've got a customer who will be migrating from NetWare to OES11 (finally) and they are using Catalogic (Syncsort) to backup their data. It uses LVM Snapshots. We would like to keep their NSS/NCP volumes but are worried about whether or not NSS supports LVM Snapshots? Also, if GroupWise 2014 does? If NSS & GroupWise do not support NSS then we'll have to migrate the GroupWise at least to POSIX.

So here's the short version; does NSS Pools & Volumes support LVM Snapshots?

Thanks for your help and thanks for your patience concerning the Rant... :-)