I am trying to test mobile printing with an Android 5.x device and am running into a couple of (hopefully minor) issues. The first is that I am trying to use the "Scan QR" ability and aside from the first time that I logged into the application and added my first favorite printer, I have not seen the option to "Scan using QR Code" ever since. Where did it go or why isn't it showing up anymore?

Next, I am continuing to see that I am not able to send web pages from my mobile device's browser to iPrint. Is this still the typical behavior of iPrint for mobiles or am I missing something? When I try to "share" the web page with iPrint I get a message stating that "Novell iPrint could not receive the document/image in a file format."

Lastly, at Brainshare there was discussion about "follow me" printing with iPrint where someone could send a print job from their desk into a special queue which they could then use their mobile device and release to a specific printer when they were ready or when they found the closest printer. Was this a feature that is currently available in iPrint (version 1.1) or is it a future project?

Thank you for any information