Hi all: I am having a problem with our EHR software, specifically when trying to set up printers in the application. I have contacted the ISV and they are working on a fix, but I hold little hope this will occur anytime soon. It seems that the latest version of the application does not like any printer name that iPrint generates, either the long or short name version. I opened an SR with Novell just to rule out this being an iPrint issue, which it is not. We even uninstalled iPrint and set up local printers using the MS ipp client but this too fails.

I have confirmed that the application functions fine when I create local printers, even when using the same drivers that I push out with our iPrint printers. The only difference being the name, with the application seeing our iprint printers named like this; \\server\printername rather then this; printername.

Does anyone know of a hack or workaround to make iPrint printer names conform to a windows standard printer name?