I built a virtual IE9 using the template (as Novell suggests). I needed it to support a web app that is only compatible with IE9. Our environment is IE11. The main problem is that you cannot view or download any files. The IE download manager box flashes and disappears. If you're opening up any pdf or MS Office file, the new tab in IE is blank (no file is viewed). Sometimes if you download anything, it will save to local Downloads folder, but does not auto-run. Also, you cannot change the "save as" directory, nothing comes up. This only happens when running the virtual IE9 on a machine that has local IE11. If the local IE is 9, then everything works. I've also tested and noticed this happens with any version of IE, it only works when the virtual IE version matches the local IE version. Which defeats the purpose of using virtual apps if you're running it on the same environment. Has anyone had any luck with this? Thanks in advance.