our environment: OES 11 SP2, Clients: Windows 7 (or 8.1) with Novell Client 2 SP3 IR10
we implemented a DFS-System, which works well when using a Windows Client (or CIFS with an Apple), the Client follows the junctions. But one deparment in our Company produced a Startup-script for a program, that checks if some Folders are available. Which was no Problem, since the Folders have been placed on a normal nss-volume. If they were not found (user has no rights to this Folder), the script is going on. Since we implement DFS, this script stops and only a logout/Login is the only Chance to do anything else.

now I tried to check the System - it's true! When you log into Windows with a user, that has no specific rights to a Folder and you try to Access it (on Windows run cmd, and Change with cd to a Directory that exists, but the user has no rights), the window hung and you have no Chance closing it. When you trace this Thing, you'll see some error Messages at the reply package: error 169 (0x89a9) Invalid Path With Junction Present.

How could I solve this Problem? The Client should answer "path not found". And the strange Thing, if I use a Workstation with no novell Client (smb/cifs only), I got this function.

Any ideas?