I need to push the 11.2.4 update (from 11.2.0, otherwise not difficult) to a
few thousand workstations. However, we are deploying somewhat random
workstations out of various locations, not full location containers at any
time. So, say I have 400 workstations in one container -- we might deploy 200
(random) one night and the rest the 2nd night.

With bundle deployments, I do this with some basic CMD files and the XML
schedule file, to add systems to the bundle and apply the schedule, working
with just a text list of systems.

Well, I can see how to assign the system update similarly, but I can't see any
way to *schedule* it if I use "zman sua" if I assign this way. And I've got
literally batches of hundreds of systems to schedule in a mix, so if I can't
use a text list, the workload goes WAYYYYY up.

Any way to schedule an update if it's assigned to devices via zman sua, or any
other way to do this? I thought I'd seen something that allowed assigning
systems to stages, but can't find it again, assuming deploying in stages might
actually finally work for me.

Ideally, I'm just looking for a command or other easy way to add the systems
without having to find them in the GUI etc., but that allows me to assign the
update schedule as I go along, similar to the schedule XML file I can use when
I do this with regular bundles.


-- DE