Never done this one before.
We have an OES 11 box up in our satellite office. They also have a new Xerox 7845 copier that they use to Scan documents from. Currently, its set up to scan via email and then go to their groupwise accounts via the GWIA. I'd like to bypass that and make it faster/more efficient by having the files go to a directory on the OES server (running NSS). From what I can see, the Xerox supports ftp/smb/netware. For "netware" I think it needs IPX enabled, so thats a no go nowadays. My understanding and correct me if I'm wrong, that SMB should work if I set up CIFS on the OES server.

In my failed attempts, I installed CIFS on the OES server via OES Install/Configure. Logged into iManager and configured a share called "Scan" with a path of VOL4:Scan. Server name is "FSO_W". Its set to eDirectory (local) mode. I've also tried the domain mode (we also have AD that users login to both AD/Edir with novell client).

What am I doing wrong here? Is it possible to create a CIFS share for a folder on an NSS volume? If I browse to \\fso_w, i get prompted for a login, but nothing I try works.. have tried edir accounts, root, etc. I also tried setting the "Scan" folder with Read rights for Public, still no dice. If I login to the server normally, and browse to FSO or the IP address.. I see my NSS volumes, as always, but no "Scan" share.

Help? :) Thanks