We are still having issues with our Server 2008 Zenworks database server's sql service crashing once in a while. Taking a look at the Windows logs (Application) we have noticed constant logins connecting to the database, like 50 a second. Yet there appears to be no logouts happening or connections closing. I am wondering if this is normal behavior for zenworks 11 SP3? The connections are mostly from our 3 primary servers. I would think the primary server would only need to open a connection to the database once, not for every transaction.

Message in Application log:
Source: MSSQL$ZCM; Event ID: 18454; Task Category: Logon
Login succeeded for user 'zensql'. Connection made using SQL Server authentication. [CLIENT: (ip address)]

Our setup:
1 Server2008 R2 x64 SQL database server
1 Server2008 R2 x64 Audit Server
3 Server 2012 primary servers
~2000 Win7 x64 computers using Zen.

Anyone have any ideas please let me know, and if there is any information I could provide I would be happy to.