I'm in the midst of a project to upgrade an environment using an 11.2.1 ZCM appliance to 11.3.2. The infrastructure upgrade went smoothly, as did about 70-75% of the agent upgrades, pushed via system update. Now we're down to the outliers, which take a bit of nudging along. Not too bad all things considered.

But there's this one laptop that's driving me to distraction. Agent wouldn't connect and wouldn't uninstall via ARP. Pulled down the most recent Agent Cleanup tool - the one that's supposed to work for 11.2.1 - and it won't do the trick for me, apparently. Clears out FDE (which wasn't installed), cleans up ZESM fine (which wasn't licensed, but, you know, parts are always there). But every time it fails to clean out the agent itself. Seems to be getting really close - CASA and all the rest are gone from ARP - but a scan through the registry shows some lingering tentacles.

I have a support key etc. to authorize things, and that seems to be working properly. Just can't seem to get over hump.

On the other side, with a fresh new agent installer package, the splash screen pops up for three seconds and then tells me that the PreAgent installer has died. No cause or suggestions.

Quite frustrated...