Details of the fixes gone in this release are as follows:

Bug fixes in this patch
- When a right click is done on import data, the metrics menu can not
pop-up. Bug 520552
- Null pointer exception when importing the data from MySQL. Bug 732817
- Unable to import a flat file data if the "First Row Contains Field
Names" is checked. Bug 769713
- "Display Attributes" are not shown in the uniqueness results. Bug
- Issue with data merges on large data sets when multi-valued attributes
are used. Bug 785130
- Cleaner Script only effects current page and not entire dataset. Bug
- Slow dataset creation wizard - Determining Scope. Bug 785859
- Data Browser - "Number of rows per page" setting is not being honored.
Bug 786370
- Matching dataset throuws exceptoin when dataset with muilti-valued
attribure support is enabled. Bug 789938
- Importing data causes a MySQL exception. Bug 791079

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