I'm up with Analyzer 4.0.2 Update1. I would still like to pull data
from Active Directory with Analyzer "without" the Active Directory
driver, is this possible? I have the connections configured as a
Directory Category - LDAP, not Active Directory. The properties for the
connection, IDS Configuration, spell out the host (ad controller), user
name, password, and Parameters, Publisher Options, Publication Method
are set to LDAP Search, with a base DN specified. When I start this
Local driver, I can then import the schema and indeed see our custom
attributes, thus the access to Active directory seems to be ok.
However, the error looks like a missing java class feature or something,
and comes about with the import, which is configured with just a few
attributes, with the Enable multi-valued attribute support, turned off.
This is the error: "Problem Occurred" Importing Data (time of
error:etc) Reason:
com.novell.com.ids.IShimInterface.setWriteMultiple Records(Z)V


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